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architectes & antiquaires

We are Charles Leonet and Ngoc Hoang. Being both architects, the office gallery’s relationship with architecture and exclusive architect curated furniture is our way to share our experience and aesthetic philosophy. For all our projects, our values have translated into our approach meaning not focusing solely on appearances, but instead relying on the essence of spaces and furniture, the way they vibrate, comes to life, and the resulting thought process behind it. Perception is of utmost importance. True to our vision, we value giving a second life and bringing out the beauty of architecture and furniture through renovation. We consider it our duty to act as guardians and as such we embrace the patina and marks of time which oozes from old objects and architecture. Each project represents a philosophy of transformation. Through them, we are delighted to promote the work of craftsmen and technicians. We seek to develop our projects in an established context, making sure to analyze in depth and to fulfill requirements with a simple and humble gesture all the while respecting the initial framework. We firmly believe that ultimate harmony can be reached through the delicate balance of art, furniture and architecture, which are defined by the purity of gesture of their creation. Our approach, combining architecture and furniture, exhibits our modern vision of today’s Architecte Antiquaire.